Collision Repair:

Accidents are one of those things you wish you could make 'unhappen.' At River City Collision Centre, we can't reverse time, but we can restore your vehicle—including all Electric Vehicles (EVs)—to its pre-accident condition. No matter its make or model, our I-Car Platinum Certified technicians are skilled in state-of-the-art vehicle repairs, including EVs, ensuring you drive away with confidence.

Our goal is to take care of the process from start to finish. We’re a Manitoba Public Insurance accredited collision centre with decades of experience helping people like you get back on the road in a safe and reliable vehicle. We only employ experts who can do the job right the very first time.

With decades of experience under our collective tool belts, we also provide collision repair to all makes and models. We are an all-car garage that offers our incredible brand of service to everyone in this community. So come in, no matter if you bought your vehicle with us or if you found it on the side of a river - we want to be the ones who help you get it back on the road!

At River City Collision Centre, we hang our hat on speed, accuracy, and transparency in all of our service dealings. Our team and culture along with our expertise and trained technicians are what makes us unique and keep our customer’s coming back. We also offer Pay Bright, which allows more flexible and affordable payment terms for our valued customers. So, come on down for your next appointment at our auto body shop and see the difference that homegrown service in Winnipeg can make!

We offer a one-day turnaround on small collision repairs! We can appraise your vehicle on site.

Frame Repair:

River City Collision Centre is the place to go for Frame Repair in Winnipeg. We have the right equipment and expertise to provide quality frame repairs to handle an accident or collision damage. Our team will get your vehicle back on the road quickly and in better condition.

Your car comprises several components that play an important role in ensuring your vehicle runs properly. The frame supports the chassis, which is why frame repair is most important. If your car frame is damaged, it can affect how your car handles, drives, and even accelerates. Your car may also get stuck in mud or snow if the frame is damaged. At River City Collision Centre, we can restore your frame back to its original condition


Hail Repair:

When the weather gets tough, we get going! Hail repair is our specialty here at River City Collision Centre. Whether there’s extensive hail damage or just a few spots here and there, we can have your vehicle looking like new again in no time!

Paintless dent repair is the process of applying pressure to your vehicle’s panels with specialized tools to eliminate signs of hail damage without the need for a surface refinishing. This is by far the best method for repairing hail damage and other similar dents that have not compromised the finish of the panel. This eliminates the need to fill, sand, or paint, so the original integrity of your vehicle is preserved.

This process takes days instead of weeks with a conventional body repair, which saves you from expensive body repair and weeks without a vehicle. Next time hail hits give us a call! We guarantee you won’t see any signs of hail damage once complete.

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Aluminum Repair:

Aluminum car repair refers to the repairing of parts made from aluminum. When damaged, our team uses aluminum stud welders, heat guns, pyrometers & aluminum hammers. We use separate equipment because aluminum & steel corrode each other. If you need aluminum car bodywork done on your car, River City Collision Centre in Winnipeg is the place to go. Our top-rated repair service guarantees you'll get your car back in no time & restored to pre-accident condition!

Aluminum body damage can be repaired! The best way to repair aluminum is with the help of our experts. We have the correct materials & knowledge to repair any damage. Our certified technicians will restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition! What crash? Like it never happened! experts have the right equipment to do the work quickly and efficiently.