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Stone Chip Repair:

Rock chips can be a hassle, but they don’t always have to mean a total windshield replacement. If you catch a rock chip early enough, our trained technicians can fill it in for a fraction of the cost of a new windshield. This not only saves you money, but it can also prevent the spread of cracks, which helps extend the life of your current windshield. Wondering if rock chip repair is covered by insurance? Many vehicle policies offer coverage at no additional cost to you. Simply bring us your policy for more details.

Stone Chip Repair
Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement:

River City Collision Centre is proud to replace windshields on all makes of vehicles. We know that not all auto glass is created equal, which is why we only use DOT-certified glass when replacing your windshield. DOT-certified glass is stronger, which helps preserve the structural integrity of your vehicle. Although there is a slight increase in cost, it’s also much less likely to chip or crack, and provides better protection in the event of a collision.

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